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Halloween Party Spooktacular 2017

At Queen Street Apartments we are very much committed to engaging with our residents, and really strive to form a sense of community.

It’s one thing to have our management and maintenance team onsite and ready to help with any queries or concerns that our residents have, but we really care about making sure everyone is happy and enjoying their time here too.

As such, we like hold a series of events each year to enable our Leicester Queen Street residents to get together and have some fun.

Last month, with it being Halloween, we decided to hold a pumpkin carving competition and were massively impressed by some of the fantastic results..

‘Notable mentions’

It was so hard to pick a winner out of all the amazing entries, so first, take a look at some of the most notable and impressive ones that came in as runners up. We’re sure you’ll agree, they’re all extremely good…

Spider web covered pumpkin 

This was covered with some really creepy looking spiders and their green web – enough to send shivers up anyone’s spine!  The carving was pretty spot on too!

  • A really evil looking pumpkin 

What with its jagged teeth and evil looking triangular eyes, this pumpkin wouldn’t have looked out of place in many a horror movie!

  • Higgledy piggledy pumpkin

The carving in this pumpkin was so intricate and detailed – with a whole host of different spooky looks to it, that it really was a wonder to behold. Such a talented piece of carving!

  • Super scary pumpkin

My goodness was this scary – and again so much detail went into the carving! From the unusual eyes to the wide open ghoulish grin, it was like Lord Voldemort had entered the room!

  • You pukey devil

Top marks for originality with this awesome pumpkin carving. We loved the whole pumpkin puking bit, but also the unusual little touches, such as the eyes and nose (not to mention the glitter horns!)

  • Drunken pumpkin 

This one was so funny, with a bottle of Bud sticking out of its mouth. Total debauchery and devilment – not to mention the black mop of hair on top of its head – got us wondering if it was modelled on anyone in particular..

‘The Big Winner’

After all was said and done, the first prize had to go to this amazingly innovative specimen – a giant pumpkin chewing on a very disturbed looking baby pumpkin! How much more horrific can you get!

Not only was it a fantastic idea which we hadn’t seen before, but the carving itself was absolutely top notch! So much time and effort must have gone into creating this masterpiece that it really did deserve first place in our competition!

All in all an absolutely great night was had and we were bowled over by how fantastic all of the entries were. Just take a look at the group of them together (not for the faint hearted!

We dressed up the area in this special Halloween theme and there were also plenty of drinks and cupcakes for all the guests on the night to make it extra special.

If you think that life at Queen Street sounds like fun, why not get in touch and come for a look around?

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