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Leicester Medical School Accommodation


It goes without saying that studying medicine at Leicester Medical School does not come easy. And that’s why, when you’re putting in all the hard work, it’s important to find a place to live where you can study in peace and also relax and have fun when you want to.

Leicester boasts one of the best medical schools in the country and to go with it, we believe that the city has some of the best med student accommodation around.

Our recently built Queen Street Apartments are a great example. They’re massively popular with mature students, medical students and young professionals, because, not only are they stunningly designed, but they also have a great deal to offer, by way of location, excellent affordability, facilities and other benefits.

When they get some precious downtime, hardworking med students and hospital staff deserve a place they can relax, be comfortable in and enjoy.

So, it’s great to find a place where others in a similar profession live already. Here you’ll benefit from a mutual understanding and won’t find yourself living on top of people who just aren’t on the same wavelength.

And what else can you expect to enjoy from our Leicester med student accommodation?

Easy access

When at university, there’s nothing better than finding accommodation that’s near your campus for lectures while being super close to all the exciting things that you like to do during your down time.

At the Queen Street Apartments we are only a very short driving distance to the De Montfort University and Leicester University campuses, not mention having some excellent transport links to the local hospitals right on our doorstep.

Being located in the city centre we’re super close to all the amenities you need too, such as shopping, great restaurants, theatres, museums and art galleries. This is especially useful given the masses of exhibitions, festivals and events that go on within the city, giving you no excuse to miss out on all the fun.

With regard to transport and easy access to the places where you need to be, we are a short walk from the Leicester Train Station and all major bus routes.

There’s also the Hospital Hopper bus link which takes you between the three hospitals of Leicester, and of course, University Road, where Leicester University’s Department of Medicine is located. As well as the three Leicester hospitals – Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General and Glenfield General Hospital – it also conveniently goes via the train station too.

When you’d rather cycle or go on foot, the LRI is a short walk away from us, while the Glenfield Hospital is 3.6 miles away and the Leicester General is only a 2.8-mile bus, bike or car journey. So, when it comes to easy access, whichever hospital you are training at within the local area we are a great location to live at.

Facilities to help you relax and unwind

Studying for any degree is hard, but the five years of intense study involved in a medicine degree is an accomplishment to truly be proud of.

So while you’re doing it, why not ensure your accommodation has some excellent facilities to relax and unwind in, as well as a range of exercise options, that mean you don’t always have to haul yourself to the gym.

While there are lots of gyms, leisure centres and local parks to choose from to get a regular dose of exercise in, there’s no need to go much further from your own front door for fitness when you live in the Queen Street Apartments.

That’s because we have our very own gym equipment, sauna and indoor heated swimming pool on site which is for the exclusive use of our residents only.

Peace of mind

At the Queen Street Apartments we offer private and secure accommodation for all our residents so they can rest assured in the knowledge that their home and its contents will be safe.

Our Leicester accommodation offers the following:

  • 24-hour electronic security systems
  • on-site management and maintenance team
  • off-street private parking
  • electronic key fob entry
  • intercom facilities
  • hyperoptic broadband

The on-site management team are particularly vested in dealing with any issues promptly to allow you to focus on your studies, if and when problems arise within your apartment. We know that the last thing our residents need is the stress and headaches caused in trying to get things fixed and how much of an unnecessary hassle these things can be, when you already have so much to contend with as a medical student.

Our great levels of customer service help to alleviate this burden.

Security is also provided during evenings with a manned, independent security check of the premises by uniformed personnel giving even more peace of mind to occupants.

Things to enjoy

Curve Theatre


The medical profession is traditionally a hugely busy one which often requires long hours, unsociable shifts and plenty of hard work.

That’s why it goes without saying that when they get some precious downtime or have reason to celebrate, it’s important that the chance to let your hair down and have some fun is within easy reach.

Our city centre location in the heart of the cultural quarter puts us close to all the Leicester nightlife, bars, cafes, restaurants and other entertainment venues in the local area such as Curve Theatre and The Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre.

And when you’ve had enough, you can simply stroll past the queues at the taxi ranks, because home is only a short walk away.

Accommodation to suit you

At the Queen Street Apartments, we have thought long and hard about what means the most to our residents when looking for the perfect accommodation.

Our prices fit every budget and taste, with a range of studio flats, one and two bedroom flats and galleried apartments available.

When you add that to the modern and attractive design and Sky, TV and phone/broadband points in all apartments, not to mention the location and facilities, it’s easy to see why they have become so popular with student doctors and young professionals.

The Queen Street Apartment buildings are also steeped in history and heritage, having been beautifully restored, retaining original features that help them stand out from the crowd of other apartments in the area.

The Rowley building, for example, showcases Leicester’s industrial past with a contemporary interior that still has the exposed original brickwork, iron work, and staircase to really add character to the place.

Contact Queen Street Today

There’s a lot to be said for having accommodation which is safe and secure, while being conveniently located, attractive and comfortable.

We would be delighted to give you a tour of the facilities on offer at Queen Street to help you decide whether our med student accommodation is right for you.

You won’t have to worry about reference fees, administration fees on standard length tenancies, or inventory costs for the furnished rooms either. Get in touch with us and enquire today to find out more.



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