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Queen Street’s Tips On Having The Best Freshers’ Week!

Queen Street’s Tips On Having The Best Freshers’ Week!

The summer’s almost over and it means only one thing – that an exciting new uni year is coming up and Freshers’ Week Leicester is just around the corner!

September brings with it a whole new set of students ready to embark on a university career and discover all that it has to offer.

So, if it’s your first time away from home, or you’ve been part of the working world for a while and decided now is the time to get the grades, then you might be wondering what the weeks ahead have in store.

Freshers’ Week is renowned for being pretty full on the world over and totally packed full of fun and excitement. And with the two Leicester universities, it’s no exception.

If you’re trying to get prepared for the weeks to come, here’s what we reckon you should do.

Tips for Freshers

It’s never easy doing anything for the first time and as with anything, it often pays to be prepared in advance… so check out this list of ten handy tips to take on board in the weeks ahead.

  • Save up – it might be the most expensive week of the student year, so be prepared.
  • Get planning ahead – find out what’s going on and make a list of exactly what you want to see and do.
  • Don’t go to everything that you see – Freshers’ Week is pretty full on events wise, so don’t be tempted to head to everything for FOMO – it’s not worth it, honest. Be selective.
  • Try your best not to be shy – now is the time to get meeting people and finding your feet, so get out there.
  • Be yourself – there’s no point trying to be someone else, it’s far too much like hard work. People should love you for you.
  • Don’t only head for the places where the beer’s at – there are also some pretty awesome events going on that you can take part in sober.
  • Find your feet – make the most of any tours that are on and discover what’s around you.
  • Don’t overdo it at the first event and end up in bed with Freshers’ Flu the rest of the week. Take it steady!
  • Make sure you’re in the right accommodation for you.
  • Enjoy – because Leicester Freshers’ Week is absolutely fantastic and always has been, so why not let your hair down and have some fun!

Looking for an apartment?

At Queen Street Apartments we have a range of studio, galleried, one and two bed apartments to rent, based in the heart of the city centre, which are perfect for mature students who are looking for the nicer things in life.

We say nicer because, totally breaking away from the traditional student stereotypes, our state of the art facilities include modern and fresh décor, all mod cons and your very own sauna, indoor heated swimming pool and gym.

With 24 hour security and an onsite management and maintenance team to boot, you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable, happy and extremely well located for all the fun of Freshers’ Week Leicester in one of our apartments.

Get in touch with us to book your viewing today and remember in the next few weeks to have a ball!

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