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The benefits to renting a property

The benefits to renting a property

Getting on the property ladder might well seem ideal, but for young professionals in recent years, getting a mortgage without a considerable amount of financial support has become nigh on impossible.

The difficulties in obtaining a mortgage is just one of the benefits to renting a good property, but there are also many more. Take a look at some of the reasons why renting a property in Leicester, such as a Queen Street Apartment, is a great idea all round.

Be flexible and free

Flexibility is a massive benefit to renting a property, because tenancies start from only six months, which means that, should you be prone to itchy feet, moving on to somewhere new is never a real issue.

In addition, if you’re looking to try out living with a new partner or friend, it doesn’t have the long-term implications that buying a place together has. And if a great new career opportunity takes you further afield, then this again isn’t quite such a headache as selling up and buying somewhere new can often be.

Moving costs are much less

There’s plenty of reason why buying and selling houses is right up there with divorce and bereavement as one of the biggest causes of stress and it’s safe to say that renting a property is an awful lot easier.

While the cost of the deposit might seem high, when you look at the figures involved with buying a property, such as conveyancing fees, estate agent fees, search fees, stamp duty, it makes the idea of renting seem so much more affordable.

Your maintenance costs are taken care of

Talking of costs – once you’ve bought your own home, then you are the one eligible for its upkeep and maintenance, whereas, for people renting, the onus lies on the landlord.

Going one step further, tenants at Queen Street have their own management and maintenance team on site ready to solve issues that arise as soon as they happen. So that means no worrying about the matter getting worse while you save up to get it fixed. The solution is all in hand.

Reasons not to own your own property

As mentioned before, in recent years, purchasing a property has become more difficult than ever before, so it’s easy to see why young professionals turn to renting, while they save up enough money for a deposit on their first home.

In addition, owning your own home is a huge commitment – potentially the biggest one you can make in your lifetime. So, for people who don’t like the thought of being tied down, or aren’t ready for it, it’s easy to see why they choose to rent long term and enjoy the freedom and choice that goes with it.

So, in short, the benefits to renting a property such as a Queen Street Apartment include the following:

  • Cost is cheaper
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Less pressure
  • Problems taken care of
  • Easier to arrange

If you like the thought of renting a modern and luxurious apartment in the heart of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter, get in touch with a member of our team and find out how soon you could be calling a Queen Street Apartment home.

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