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Why you should consider a studio apartment

Why you should consider a studio apartment

When you imagine the ideal apartment to rent in Leicester, then the first thing that springs to mind might be the availability of space.

Problem is, unless you are secretly super loaded, having tons of space can come with its downsides, such as compromises on location and cost.

There are in fact loads of plus points to going with the more compact studio apartment, especially if you’re looking for a place to rent as a single person.

When you find somewhere that is beautifully decorated and has everything you need directly to hand, then size most definitely isn’t everything.

Here are a few of our thoughts on why you should consider studio apartments in Leicester within our Queen Street complex.

The major two have to be the cost saving and the awesome choice of location…

Saving money (rent and bills)

The smaller the space, the less it costs – and we’re not only talking rent here. When you rent a modern studio apartment the smaller space means your bills will be lower as it costs less to heat and you’ll find you’re using less electricity too.

And remember – when you’re saving on cost in some ways, it means even more spare cash to spend enjoying all the amazing arts, culture and entertainment that you’ll find just a short walk away from you in the Cultural Quarter in Leicester!

Leicester’s Cultural Quarter – a great place to be

If space is what you’re looking for, then it might mean having to settle for living in a less desirable area. But if you plan on being out and about a lot, then it’s so important to pick a great location, which comes with benefits which include a lower crime rate and more amenities and things to do nearby.

We love being situated in the heart of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter because there are umpteen cool things to enjoy here, so much so, that you’ll never need to feel bored ever again!

If the two major points above haven’t convinced you, here are even more reasons why you should consider a studio apartment:

  • The opportunity to declutter and only keep hold of the things you love.
  • Have everything you need within easy reach – no more spending hours hunting for things.
  • Maximise your space for greater efficiency.
  • Have a better postcode than all your friends!
  • Less area to keep clean.
  • Greater opportunity for multitasking – eg – cook dinner while you do the ironing.
  • Save money on unnecessary items of furniture to fill space.

Our studio apartments to rent in Leicester

All our luxury studio apartments combine innovative design with stylish, sophisticated contemporary décor, having been developed from the sympathetic conversion of a former 19th-century knitwear factory.

Designed with you in mind, they all come with a comprehensive range of amenities which includes Sky, TV and phone/broadband in all apartments and they make a perfect opportunity to choose quality over quantity when it comes to the things you have.

If you’re looking for a studio apartment in a great location in Leicester city centre, come and have a look around the Queen Street Apartments – contact us to book a viewing today

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